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when you say something out of place
you weren't sure
(but it was the worst)
they jumped down my throat

traveling down
they beat my windpipe
you can't sing that
they get to the lungs
you can't breathe it in
you shouldn't put it out
ripped into my stomach
incapable of digesting things correctly
breaking down
into the blood
bright bright blue
because no oxygen gets to it
no oxygen there
no oxygen in the brain
because that's where they are now
grey grey matter
doesn't know what matters
even in the heart
their last stop, they stop
it beats so steady
but don't stop a beat
don't beat down the meaning
no need to be breathing
or eating
or sleeping
one word is too many
quiet down, put that thing away
ball up and crawl back
back to where you came from
we don't need you here
out of there kicking and screaming
they say i never stopped
and they are probably right
right as rain

it is cloudy now
soon they will be right again
over and over again

are you embarrased for me?
don't worry, i'm plenty enough
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