The Midgard Serpent (jormundgard) wrote in fopo,
The Midgard Serpent

The Trials of Geordi LaForge

Oh Georgi LaForge!
How rich was your life!
Born without pupils
because it is novel
and lets you don always
those 80's-like glasses

You have sex with holograms
(at least I assume)
because you're no player
(I know this for sure!)
You once fell in love
with your homeship's creator
but she was as fleeting
as some dumb Sherlock Holmes game

Then you met her for real
Oh! Embarassing it was!
When her own doppelganger
professed it's love for you
Oh how mad she was
but then you both reconciled
because that is quite cheerful
as all TV shows end.

You did loved another
who was accused of a murder
No one believed her
but you wanted booty
so you stood by her side
Then her dog tried to kill you
but then everything was fine
as all TV shows end.

You've done clever tech things
time and time again
but I don't remember them too well
because you do them so often

I'll remember you always
as a nerd who's just like me
Who cannot get the women
Who befriends weirdo robots
which don't have opinions
and Sometimes I wonder:
Are you as messed up as I am?

Do you miss engineering?
Now that you're an author
or so you told the old Picard
who suffers Alzheimer's
(or some space age equal?)

Do you miss your cool visor
that showed many blobbies?
Do you miss your computer eyes
that fit in their sockets?
You may think that our world
is beautiful and bright
but eventually you'll find
life's as cold as before.
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